As a professional Director, Playwright, Dramaturg, Performer, Consultant and Visual Artist. My work spans many disciplines and all age groups.  I teach as I have always learnt, through curiosity, experimentation and play.

I often work collaboratively and am driven to create opportunities which constantly develop and reinvent work that grabs me with people who can do stuff I can’t.

“The knowledge and skills I have gained from working alongside Lizi are immeasurable. From one-to-one audition coaching to creative script-writing, Lizi’s experience, support and expertise were fundamental in my journey towards drama school and ultimately a professional career as an actor.”



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Lizi made you feel like anything you did or any idea you had was brilliant, valid and interesting. And she also knew when she could push you that little bit further to something you didn’t realise you were capable of. Hers is still one of the opinions I value the most.

MUIREANN PRICE: Former YT member. Filmmaker and Casting Director