DOWN TO ZERO Commissioned by Coracle and Alphabetti Theatre

​”I’m slipping away and I don’t know what to do…”

Directed by Matt Jamie

18 – 29 June 2019

at Alphabetti Theatre,


Down to Zero is an emotionally explosive,  darkly funny new play by Lizi Patch about two people, furiously in love, struggling to stay afloat as the past threatens to sink their future. 
“In the eyes of evolution I am now a pointless person.”
As Steph hits the menopause, she feels she is becoming a bystander in her own bewildering decline.  Her partner Sam plans a surprise weekend away for her 50th birthday, but their determined idyll is ripped away by the arrival of a surprise visitor…


Production Notes: Women in Theatre

​For this production Coracle have chosen to produce a selection of work by women over the age of 40 – a group underrepresented in the world of theatre.

“Writing plays is, on the whole, a young person’s art, and the young are mostly interested in themselves”

 Lynn Gardener, 2009  (link).  

Work by women playwrights made up only 8% of staged productions in 2014 (research by Tonic Theatre) – and the first play written by a woman to appear on stage at the National Theatre was in 2008.  And the National have come under fire in 2019 for their announcement of a season which has only male writers and directors, despite a ‘commitment’ to changing the balance (you can follow the twitter thread here)

“It is somehow harder for people to embrace a play written by a woman, whatever its quality. There is something slightly unseemly about filling stages with our voices, whereas men have a sense of filling Chekhov’s or Ibsen’s shoes. The woman who raises her voice becomes shrill and hectoring; the man becomes authoritative”

(Zinnie Harris) (link)

“I think older women are regarded as not valuable, they’ve always been thought of in that way, as something to laugh at.”

(Marianne Elliott). (link)

More details on the response pieces to follow soon.

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