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I’m Muslamic, Don’t Panic: Bobak Champion


Part music, part dance, part spoken word, Don’t Panic I’m Islamic (working title) draws on Bobak’s identity as a Bristolian, Iranian and Hip-Hop head. Working with Bobak I have helped shape his stories from his travels to the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Middle East which challenge stereotypes about this conservative yet thriving part of the world that is often portrayed in a negative light in Western media. 

Rather than words instilling fear, hatred and ignorance, how might an audience be able to find love, joy, fun, laughter, respect and can any of Bobak’s personal experiences begin to do that?

My Heart Is A Spark: Paul McCauley.

Paul McCauley


Down To You


A series of ACE funded workshops for nine North East writers (from absolute beginners to writers who’ve had their work produced) to develop response pieces to my play Down To Zero (produced by Coracle Theatre, Directed by Matt Jamie).  

Writers: Micky Cochrane, Brogan Gilbert, Mhairi Ledgerwood, Nicola Owen, Claire Perry, Stuart Scott, Gillian Swan, Alex Tahnee and Hannah Wilkin.

The Leeds Story

In partnership with and performed at Leeds Museums:

Written by the Company and Ruth Cooper.


Four short performances exploring the history of objects and how they came to be part of the collection at Leeds Museums and Galleries. Each group of young theatre makers chose an object which sparked their interest. The performances stay true to the history of each object as far as it’s known. The rest is imagination…


Created by performance artist Milton Lopes in partnership with National Circus.

ACE funded multidisciplinary show combining circus, theatre and live music. I spent a week R&Ding this show at The Point, Basingstoke with Milton and the creative team before it found a home at the Barbican.