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I Am England by David Lane 

6th July, 2018. Seven Arts, Leeds.

Bankrupt, isolated and in a state of collapse, a once-proud nation falls apart at the seams.

Nostalgic for empire and thirsty for revenge, their leader presents a hero to the masses: a poster-boy for conscription. The future of the country hangs in the balance, but at a time of intense change those in power must confront the truth of who they are – and who they might become.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, I Am England offers a unique perspective on political power, authoritarianism and social justice from the Brexit generation whose stories are yet to be written.


 LAIT is a practical skills-building course run from Leeds Grand Theatre for 18-23 year olds who are serious about an acting career. LAIT is designed to develop participating young artists vocally, physically and imaginatively and encourages an independent and in-depth approach to the work.

LAIT is unique in Leeds as it gives 18 – 23 year olds the opportunity to access actor training of the highest quality under the guidance of theatre professionals also working in the industry.

For some years now I have wanted to provide meaningful actor training to young adults between school/youth theatre and FE/the workplace, to help them develop their skills to the highest standard, recognise what sort of artist they want to be, build confidence and audition skills and cement their self-worth. Passion and a good publicity photo will only get you so far in this industry. In my experience, to truly succeed, an actor must be skilled and committed with a strong grip on reality. A thick skin, good work ethic, generosity, imagination, tenacity and an interest in human behaviour are also vital.

At LAIT, we provide a supportive space to help aspiring actors move to the next phase of their training/professional life with confidence and their eyes wide open.

As we approach the end of our first term this is what our very first LAIT group are saying:

LAIT empowers you as you can address things you want to work on in a supportive and consistent environment working with professionals. Evie

Working with the same small group each week means we have built trust between us and Lizi creates and environment where we have permission to fail which is vital to me. Adan

LAIT is a more adult environment where I can tailor the training to suit my needs. We can all accept we have weak areas and work on these. Sophia

LAIT is an honest and open space where passionate young actors can develop their toolkit under expert guidance. Ellah 

LAIT helps you discover more about yourself and learn important theatre skills in the meantime. There are so many skills in this course that I can easily apply to my roles in training at College, and acting jobs in the future. For example, stretching to calm my nerves and Laban to embody and develop character. David. 

What I’m enjoying is that LAIT is a less pressured, more fun way of learning about the trade. There are no exams and we get to focus on ourselves as artists. Sophie. 

 LAIT is unique in Leeds, there are very few groups for 18+ and LAIT is a focused, skills-based training opportunity working in depth on topics you’d learn at Drama School. Niamh

  • supports you in developing the skills you need to build your craft as an actor, so that your imagination and creativity can find expression based in solid skills as a performer,
  • gives you useful knowledge of the profession through the resident director and freelance visiting professionals,
  • helps to prepare you for auditions,
  • helps identify strategies to help you become self-disciplined and address stress management as a freelance professional artist,
  • promotes the honest exchange of thoughts and ideas, the sharing of creative inspiration and the generosity of spirit which characterises a true actor,
  • encourages you to challenge your own habits and preconceptions,
  • helps you to develop your artistic courage, curiosity, integrity and originality – all vital in the journey to discovering your strengths and weaknesses as a performer.


Term 1 is about good solid core performance skills. It’s about getting to know you strengths and weaknesses as a performer and working with me and visiting professionals to help you develop as an artist. Sessions include work on Improvisation, Status, Building Character, Acting through Song, Physical Theatre  and Text.


A packed term, working on audition technique, building your audition portfolio and working on monologues and songs. You will have the opportunity to test your skills and present to both your peer group and a dummy audition panel made up of industry professionals who will be ready with advice and feedback.


A rehearsal project contextualising and further developing the skills developed in Term 1 with further Masterclasses run by outside artists supporting the rehearsals. This term will culminate in a public show at Seven Arts, Leeds.


LAIT is split into 3 x ten week modules per year.

10 sessions per term, 2.5 hours per session (25 hours minimum per term).

£450 per year long course (with bursary places available upon application).


30 training sessions will be delivered on Tuesdays evenings 6-8.30pm from late October 2017 – July 2018.



Please contact learning@leedsgrandtheatre.com