Lizi Patch has a unique ability to see the individual in every young person, and to nurture and inspire, whilst consistently advocating for sound technical skills which promote a healthy, ensemble-focused approach to performance. I have worked with Lizi for 15 years and have seen first-hand how she has benefited young performers, not only in their preparation for professional theatre but also in their personal development.


The knowledge and skills I have gained from working alongside Lizi are immeasurable. From one-to-one audition coaching to creative script-writing, Lizi’s experience, support and expertise were fundamental in my journey towards drama school and ultimately a professional career as an actor.

BOBAK WALKER: DANCE ARTIST and Freelance practitioner for CVYT

The work that goes on at CVYT is exceptional. Since I have been able to come to sessions and observe, facilitate as well as to watch shows it has fed in to my practice and been highly valuable. I use Lizi Patch’s style and lead as an important source of learning, which informs the work I do for my own groups at Yorkshire Dance and at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

MEGAN PARKINSON: Former CVYT: Recent jobs: Holby City, To Walk Invisible, Damilola, Our Loved Boy, Game of Thrones and The Strike Series.

I am very grateful for CVYT. It gave me the confidence to audition for the National Youth Theatre REP company which ended up being the spark to my acting career. Lizi gave me so much encouragement to pursue what I really wanted to do and that’s led me to work with incredible professionals. 

JAKE GALE: Former CVYT, then Northern School of Contemporary Dance and accepted at Ballet Rambert from Sept 2017.

One of the most pivotal moments of my childhood was when Lizi asked me to mentor some of the younger boys. That respect and trust in me is something that was never really given to me by anyone else at that point, it really stands out as one of the best things that could of happened to me at that point in my life. 

ARON KYNE: MUSICIAN and former Assistant Musical Director for CVYT

CVYT is a different breed of youth theatre, chiefly because of director Lizi Patch. She is a centred, level headed, compassionate multitasking genius.

MUIREANN PRICE: Former YT member. Filmmaker and Casting Director

Lizi made you feel like anything you did or any idea you had was brilliant, valid and interesting. And she also knew when she could push you that little bit further to something you didn’t realise you were capable of. Hers is still one of the opinions I value the most.

KYM KYTCHING: Former YT member. Chief Fundraising Officer for a leading national children’s charity.

Every day I execute the skills Lizi helped me develop; communication, empathy, multi-tasking, creative problem solving, commitment, motivation, leadership, initiative, respect, flexibility, self-discipline, concentration and so much more. Lizi Patch is an understanding, empathetic, powerful woman who will do everything she can to make sure you achieve everything you’re capable of and more.

 Evie Holmes-O’Brien: Former A Level Applied Theatre Student, Woldgate College.

I owe a lot to Lizi, she enabled me to see beyond the boundaries I had previously constructed. This has helped me throughout my professional and personal life because I was able to believe in my own abilities. I think back to my time working with Lizi and realise how meeting the right teachers has a truly overwhelming effect on a person’s life.

Helena Law: Former A Level Applied Theatre Student, Woldgate College.

Lizi was the first person who made me believe I could be an actor rather than thinking of it as a dream, largely down to her practical approach, focus and incredible knowledge. Lizi built my confidence with each session we had and allowed us to reach our potential by challenging us in a comfortable, supportive environment. Although I have not pursued acting the transferable skills Lizi taught me have been invaluable in my role as a Project manager particularly when it comes to public speaking and leading a team

FAYE: Former Raised Eyebrow Youth Theatre Member.

Raised Eyebrow Youth Theatre was the most powerful extra curricular activity I participated in.
Much like drama and acting, there were two parts to REYT. On stage and the behind the scenes.
On stage,the youth theatre provided exactly what it said on the tin. A thorough education in drama and acting. I was leaps and bounds ahead of non REYT members in my year and I thank Lizi for my A stars in drama at GCSE and A at A Level. Many a time did I turn back to what I had learnt when I was younger at REYT.
The behind the scenes parts are what people glance over and miss the hidden values of a youth theatre. I was the youngest in the group and initially that did phase me, I felt inferior and scared to walk in. But as my skills grew, so did my confidence and so did my personality. I could talk to people 5 years older than me and actually class them as ‘friends’. I could contribute to decisions and if taking a directing role, I could tell them what to do. Now that’s a hell of a thing to do all before your 16.
I think my mind matured 5 years in around 2 weeks flat. We dealt with adult issues and respected what We were learning and how to portray it. Much like in day to day life you need to learn how to judge a situation.
You made friends from different groups and circles.
You felt part of a really family, not a scripted one.
You discovered you at Raised Eyebrow Theatre.


‘Thank you for the help, it was a positive when I was drowning in the negative’                             

NQT after a series of confidence building sessions



A fantastic morning’s workshop that left the students feeling energised, confident and willing to tackle any dramatic challenge. Highly recommended.’

Spencer Williams, Drama Teacher, Graham School Scarborough



‘Lizi Patch has worked with our students as a drama specialist and as a creative poet; she creates a tailor-made experience that will give your students exactly what they need. More than that, though, she find a way – through energy, humour and sheer panache – of helping young people unlock their own creativity: her workshops aren’t about what she does with the students, they’re about what she empowers the students to do themselves.’

Antony Williams, North Yorkshire Coast Creative and Media Lead



‘A romance for ideas…’

Dr Robert McMurray: Senior Lecturer in Management, Durham Business School, University of Durham


‘I throughly enjoyed having the 2 guest speakers in the workshop today as i found them inspirational with fresh ideas on the world. Thank you’

Business, Management  and Finance Student, Durham University. 



We have now experienced four drama lessons with Lizi Patch. They have been exceptionally well taught, engaging the whole class for an hour, including several very challenging pupils with behaviour difficulties and Aspergers. Pupils have been consistently motivated to achieve highly as they have become more confident with their dramatic skills. In addition to developing teamwork skills, the children have shown improving communication with each other and a more confident attitude where they are not afraid to try new ideas and make suggestions.

Teacher: Stamford Bridge Primary School



The Y12 AS Applied Health and Social Care Unit 2 on communication skills was greatly enhanced by 3 lessons run by Lizi. She introduced them to confidence rating and entrance techniques and emphasised the need for animated gestures and voice control when dealing with children… This was repeated with the Y12 BTEC first diploma group who were of less ability and certain individuals gained a great deal from just practising speaking in front of others and having the chance to lose their inhibitions in role play which is Lizi’s forte.

Last year she directed and produced a case study/scenario DVD with other actors to reinforce the idea of ‘Self Concept’ as preparation for a GCSE exam in H&SC. ..Lizi is easy to work with and adaptable.  She fosters good relations with students quickly and encourages involvement.

Head of H&SC


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lizi many times over the years and she has always radiated enthusiasm and energy.

Our Head of English wasn’t really a fan of drama, but after seeing the result of Lizi’s work, acknowledged on film that she had been most impressed with the impact that drama had had on learning.

The evidence is there to see on the DVD that Lizi painstakingly put together, and which I’ve used as an inspiration and example of good practice to other Year 7 groups.

English/Drama Teacher  KS 3 and 4



The class was very enthusiastic and it was already a great motivator. It was hugely stimulating for them to work with Lizi and they became excited as she came in to meet us for the first time. She made clear the expectations, gave them the belief that they could do it and talked of the filming that would happen at the end.

As a Set 3 (based on CATS scores), they found the task quite difficult but the desire to perform kept them motivated.

Lizi choreographed, filmed and edited the results which where then shared on Pupilshare, Staffshare and Year 7 Assembly


It is a great motivator especially for the boys.

It is great to see some students who are very retiring in class really come into their own.

It is fun and motivational and will improve attainment level in a both a clear and covert way for students.  I found it a very positive experience.

A year later, I am reading this again and the girls who I singled out as really coming in to their own have been tremendously well-motivated in French this year. They are the only two that I teach this year from that group but others still come to me and talk about the project.

MFL Teacher, KS3 & 4


Independent, original response is one of the most difficult things to teach; you can’t plant original thoughts in someone’s head.  Yet it makes the difference between an A and an A* – essential for our CVA.  Lizi’s project helped these students to see how new, original interpretations could be valid and to see the worth in their own ideas, even the Mancunian Batman!  I could then build on this, showing the students how to incorporate these new perspectives into their written work.



I worked with Lizi on a project on the Tempest for Year 9 SATs when I was an NQT.  Three years on, I can say that this was extremely helpful!  Lizi’s project helped me to establish a rapport with a very difficult class and taught me a lot about teaching Shakespeare as a play, not a flat piece of text.  I used many of her techniques and lesson ideas when I taught The Tempest again the following year.  Although SATs and The Tempest are now gone, I still use her lesson on status to help me teach drama.

English and Media Teacher