The Internet as a character, described by teenagers.


Hyperactive, schizophrenic, infinite, addictive, trapping, glue, helpful, obsessive, enslaved, social, open minded, mazey, dependant, fake friend, the creepy guy in the corner, big brother, life-changing, mischievous, arrogant, unpredictable, fickle, musical, bipolar, know-it-all, insane, omnipresent, pathway, fun, deceitful, a drug, inclusive, exclusive, united, sadistic, scientific tool, anonymous, reliant, gossip, abused, detached, unpredictable.

Above are some of the words a group of 16-21 year olds used to describe the internet.

I’m working with some teenagers who are contributing to the final development of Punching The Sky. We are talking about the Internet alot. I’ve also asked them to imagine the Internet as a character and asked them to answer the questions

“What’s the use of you?”
This is what some of them said:

I’m everything. I can give you everything. The world. If you like, and all you have to do is ask. A am what you made me, I can give you what you put in. that’s the use of me.

Is there a use for me? Good question! Humanity is a little fickle like that, they create something they never quite explain the use of… and then complain when it’s used againt them!

I’ve become a place for so many things: Happiness! Joy! But also the bad things… people isolate themselves and blame me, I didn’t ask for this!

I suppose that’s what I am. Something to blame.

Well I’m everything. I know everything but I learn nothing. I’ve seen everything but I’ve seen nothing. There’s always a light for me to follow otherwise nothing happens. You ask the right questions and I’ll try and give you the answer. No vows and no promises, just similar words over and over again in any order people have seen fit. I’m fun, I’m frightening, I’m the stars and I’m the end. I’m the darkness lurking in the back of your mind. I’m the blue skies that make your day. I can do everything if you use me right. So don’t ever go blaming me. I can’t do anything by myself (without you. )

What’s the use of me? I’m here to helpand be your friend. Whenever you need me I’ll always be there. I’ll never ever leave you. You seem down, I’ll bring you back up… if I feel like it. Just press the right buttons… but which ones are right? Which ones are wrong? I don’t know either. There’s a lot of things I don’t know yet… you can help me as much as I can help you. That;s what friends do right? But I’ll always know more than you.



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