“If you’re lucky enough to be part of a youth theatre led by Lizi Patch you’ll be guided by an understanding, empathetic, powerful woman who will do everything she can to make sure you achieve everything you’re capable of and more.” 
KYM KITCHING, former YT member


(Founded 2011, formerly City Varieties Youth Theatre)
We really appreciate the brilliance, not just of the shows but of the staff and the ethos behind them.

Revving up to the 2018 Musical.

The Leeds Grand Youth Theatre Company works with 3 groups of young people aged 8-17 yrs old. I run the youth theatre assisted by a pool of freelance industry professional artists.

LGYT explores the notion of theatre as a tool for social change and personal development for a new generation of theatre-makers and theatre goers. We give young people the skills, the time and the support to take creative and personal risks, enabling them to express themselves physically, verbally and through the written word. Pre-pandemic we produced an annual full-scale summer musical with live orchestra, plus a number of contemporary plays and devised pieces throughout the year at the beautiful City Varieties Music Hall, The Howard Assembly Rooms and the Leeds Grand Studio. Post(?!) pandemic we are in the process of feeling our way towards our next steps.



Director: Lizi Patch
Musical Director: Pete Rosser
Choreographer: Dawn Holgate
Designer: Scott Thompson

Audrey II Puppets: Puppets for Peas

“Well done everyone for an absolutely amazing performance. It has been a real pleasure to watch everyone grow in confidence and ability over the years. Well done youth theatre this was definitely the best one to date. Can’t wait for next year.”

Poster design: Scott Thompson

“Saw a fabulous performance of #LittleShopofHorrors @CityVarieties So polished that I had to keep reminding myself that this was a youth theatre! Well done to all involved” (Twitter)

photo: Kerry Maule

“Absolutely first class production, there was a palpable vibe of fun and a total commitment from the entire cast who were obviously determines to send the audience away with a smile on their face… and they achieved this in spades.”

photo: Kerry Maule

Fantastic performance. Well done to all of you. Thanks Lizi and the team for encouraging our children to achieve what they achieved last night. Bring on the next performance!

photo: Kerry Maule




Darcy in Happylandia  
An exquisite tale with heart, humour and pathos.

Written by Olivia Mee
with additional material by Abby Marshall 

Director/Dramaturg: Lizi Patch
Youth Theatre Assistant/Stage Manager: Rowena English
Image by: Andy Mee 

Once upon a time, in a far-away land, 
Unlikely allies form a fairy-tale band,
They seek the Author to change their story, 
Will it end in defeat or glory?!

(latin: noun) opinion, view, idea, cognition

Director: Lizi Patch
Choreographer: Dawn Holgate
Youth Theatre Assistant/Stage Manager: Rowena English
Image by: Emma Exner

sensa 1  

 “If you dig a hole for one, you dig a hole for two”

Who cares what other people think? What does it mean to fit in? Why is power so attractive, even at the expense of others’ happiness? Gossip can both bind us and destroy us.  When does harmless bonding chit chat become something more serious? Devised and performed by CVYT Group 2.

sensa 2 

 “There is always more than one story”. 

Who is the real you? When are you truly yourself?  Imagine losing your memory and having to piece together who you are through the eyes of all those who know you, past and present. What if you don’t like the person they say you are? Devised and performed by CVYT Group 3

sensa 1

CVYT just helped me in so many ways. It helped my confidence, helped me find the man I aspire to be and gave me amazing role models in the artists and the older members. It genuinely feels like a massive family you can trust and love.

JAKE GALE CVYT 2013-2016

(Jake has been accepted into Ballet Rambert from Sept 2017) 



Our 7th full scale musical produced in the beautiful City Varieties Music Hall.

Director: Lizi Patch
Musical Director: Pete Rosser
Choreographer: Dawn Holgate
Youth Theatre Assistant Director: Rowena English



City Varieties Music Hall

Welcome to Loserville!
The CVYT Company bring their 6th full scale musical to the beautiful City Varieties Music Hall following last year’s hugely popular production of The Addams Family.
It’s 1971. Misfit computer geek Michael Dork and his friends are about to change the world. It’s just that no one knows it yet. Michael’s also discovered a girl, Holly, a prospect (almost) as exciting as his love of computers. If only he had the courage to talk to her!
Air your flares and come and join our cast of 40 with a live pit band bringing you an electric pop-rock score that will have you rocking out in your seat. Don’t forget your air guitar!

Director: Lizi Patch
Musical Director: Sam Dunkley
Choreographer: Dawn Holgate
Designer: Scott Thompson
Assistant Musical Director: Aron Kyne/Pete Rosser
Youth Theatre Assistant: Richard Priestley

Book, Music and Lyrics by ELLIOT DAVIS and JAMES BOURNE 


Dawn Holgate, Choreographer, works with the cast.

The Cast.

Originally produced on the West End stage by T C Beech
This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Music Theatre International (Europe) 
All authorised performance materials are also supplied by MTI Europe



Howard Assembly Room, November 2016 (Full Company)


Performed at Howard Assembly Room, Leeds Grand Theatre
Moving from Benjamin Zephaniah to Morecambe and Wise through Sia the entire CVYT Company bring you an evening of theatre, original choreography, song and spoken word that shines a light on what it means to be human.
We work with some fantastic professional artists throughout the term and Safe Hands will also feature pianist/composer Aron Kyne and performance artist Akeim Toussaint Buck bringing us his beautiful work-in-progress piece ‘Windows of Displacement’.
A unique, thoughtful, joyful night to remind you that the next generation have GOT THIS.
Director: Lizi Patch
Assistant Director: Richard Priestley
Musical Director: Aron Kyne
Choreographer: Dawn Holgate
Guest Artist: Bobak Walker


City Varieties Music Hall, Leeds, July 2016 (Full Company)




Director: Lizi Patch, Musical Director: Sam Dunkley, Designer: Scott Thompson

Our 5th full-scale musical once again played to sell out audiences.



City Varieties Music Hall, July 2015 (Full Company)
artist: Scott Thompson

artist: Scott Thompson

The CVYT Company performed their 4th full scale musical in the beautiful City Varieties Music Hall

Director: Lizi Patch, Musical Director: Sam Dunkley, Designer: Scott Thompson

Oliver CVYT 2015IMG_7216Oliver CVYT 2015

Frankly Prince Charming, You’re Just Not My Type…

City Varieties Music Hall, July 2015 (12-15’s)


What if Sleeping Beauty just didn’t fancy the Prince?

What if Prince Charming tried his luck with Wonder Woman?

What if the Big Bad Wolf was a vegetarian?

Join the City Varieties 11-15’s in a parallel universe where fairy tale princes meet kick-ass comic book heroines, where the rules are re-written and new characters emerge to bring those sugary endings BANG up to date.

Mwah ha ha HA!

Director: Lizi Patch, Musical Director: Aron Kyne, Designer: Scott Thompson

Daffodil Scissors

by Philip Ridley (Produced by our 8-10’s)

City Varieties Music Hall, April 2015


Director: Lizi Patch, Design: The Company from an original idea from Milk Presents: Music: Aron Kyne.


Alice in the News

by Charles Way

City Varieties Music Hall, April 2014 (8-11’s)


Director: Lizi Patch, Original music by Rich Huxley, Set design and construction by Leeds Art College students.

 Kaspar the Wild

by Tim Crouch

City Varieties Music Hall, July 2014 (12-15’s)

2014-03-11 20.15.33-2_2

Produced by our Tuesday 11-15’s.  A scruffy, silent boy is found wandering the streets of the big city. The authorities, at a loss, send him to a sleepy small-town school to start a new life. Kaspar struggles to find his voice as deep seated prejudices are unearthed and tolerance pushed to its limits as school staff and pupils chatter noisily around him, unsure how to handle this delinquent disaster so rudely dropped into their midst.

The City Varieties Youth Theatre Company presents an updated and extended version of this deeply moving, darkly comical ensemble tale, inspired by Kaspar Hauser.

“Crouch’s plays make up one of the most important bodies of English-language playwriting to have emerged so far in the twenty-first century”…
Stephen Bottoms, Professor of Contemporary Theatre & Performance at the University of Manchester.

Director: Lizi Patch, Musical Director: Aron Kyne, Designer: Scott Thompson


Peter Pan the Musical

Adapted by Piers Chater Robinson:

City Varieties Music Hall, Leeds. July 2014 (Full Company)
City Varieties Youth Theatre

City Varieties Youth Theatre

Musical Director: Rich Huxley, Designer: Scott Thompson, Choreography: Emma Stead and Dawn Holgate.

Produced by our Saturday 11-15’s and 16+.

Set to music, with raw stage combat and beautiful choreography, you’ll find yourself swept away by the classic tale, finding some unique twists and turns along the way. Meet Shadow Wendy and Shadow Peter as they dance what cannot be uttered. immerse yourself in the world of inept pirates, cheeky Lost Boys and fearsom Warriors. prepare to be ‘Hooked’ from the start.


Little Shop of Horrors /Summer Snowball

 City Varieties Music Hall (Full Company)
City Varieties Youth Theatre

Little Shop Of Horrors in rehearsal

Our two Summer shows 2013 went off a treat. The performers and audience were delighted with each other and everyone went off for the summer hols exhausted but happy.

Director: Lizi Patch, Designer: Scott Thompson, Choreographers: Emma Stead and Dawn Holgate, Pit Band: Hope & Social.


Summer Snowball

City Varieties Music Hall (8-11’s)

Summer Snowball in rehearsal. 8-11’s

CVYT 8-11yrs

Written by: Lizi Patch, Dick Bonham. Musical Director: Jamie Fletcher. Director: Lizi Patch, Dick Bonham, Grace Dean.



Howard Assembly Rooms, Leeds.

A beautifully haunting ghost story for Christmas, this brand new show was created and written by the Company. Following a doomed love affair through a hundred years of history, from a turn-of-the-century Music Hall through a live 1940s radio show and beyond, it provided an evening of gentle chills and astounding adventures. Featuring stirring music, stunning puppetry, and a sinister ventriloquist’s dummy, the company stayed within the best traditions of Victorian fireside tales – with a uniquely contemporary twist.

Director: Lizi Patch, Musical Director: Aron Kyne, Designer: Scott Thompson



City Varieties Music Hall, (Full Company)

Our most recent production, Return to the Forbidden Planet was a sell out success, bringing all 70 members together at the very beautiful City Varieties Music Hall Theatre in Swan Lane. The response from parents and public alike was overwhelming.

The Directors creativity, positivity and enthusiasm is infectious and this is evident in the way the group responded tonight.”

“I really just wanted to say a massive thank you to the whole team for the showcase tonight, we have been totally blown away by the level of professionalism and it surpassed all of our expectations for a first showcase from a brand new group.  It really feels like everyone is having an amazing, fun time and learning a craft without even realising it”

“We are so excited about the July performance and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this super talented  group!”


Guest Director/Writer


Carriageworks Main House, Leeds.

A new show for and with the Carriageworks Theatre Academy in association with Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah.

Carriageworks Theatre Academy

Carriageworks Theatre Academy

“Why live in the real world when virtually everything is in the palm of your hand?”

‘Bubble’ is a new play for 35 young actors which explores how our rapidly growing obsession with documenting and sharing our lives online affects our connection with the real world – and how those in power feed the obsession.

Devised by the Academy, Writer: Lizi Patch and Directors: Lizi Patch and Rebecca Jenkins.


Yvette Huddleston, Yorkshire Press:


Leeds Town Hall

Dramaturg/Director: Holocaust Memorial Day: Written by the Company and Ruth Cooper.

“We met a woman called Amna. Amna is from Eritrea and now lives in Leeds. Amna told us her story.”

The young theatre makers of the Carriageworks Theatre Academy explored what it means to leave your home and community and come to the UK as a refugee. Echoes is the young people’s responses to Amna Idris’s story and other refugee experiences throughout time and from around the world.


in association with Leeds Museum.

Dramaturg/Director: In partnership with and performed at Leeds Museums: Written by the Company and Ruth Cooper.

Four short performances exploring the history of objects and how they came to be part of the collection at Leeds Museums and Galleries. Each group of young theatre makers chose an object which sparked their interest. The performances stay true to the history of each object as far as it’s known. The rest is imagination…

 ‘Life Turns on A Penny’


Life Turns on A Penny

(The Carriageworks Theatre Academy 10-13 years. Life Turns on A Penny)

Life Turns on A Penny  looks at those moments, micro to global where everything changes in an instant.

The story follows our reluctant protagonist, Gary Rayner as he looks back over the first 45 years of his life – re-visiting key moments where he perhaps could have made a difference but chose not to. How his actions have made him the man he is today and how the pathways we all choose to take in our lives impact on those around us.

Writer/Director: Lizi Patch from devising workshops run with the Company.

“Thank you so much for last nights performance.

We were all amazed, entertained and provoked! 

It was wonderful to see all the cast having such fun and delivering a brilliant play”

‘The Dripping Riots’

Carriageworks Main House.

“She always takes the dripping. Theft is theft”

“It’s just what cooks do”

It is 1865 and Leeds servant, Eliza Stafford, is imprisoned for stealing 2 lbs of dripping from her employer, Mr Henry Chorley.  Working class people in the city  are outraged at the “Dripping Injustice” and we witness the good humoured protest descend into a full blown riot with tragic consequences.

Based on a true story, devised by The Carriageworks Theatre Academy, written by Ruth Cooper and directed by Lizi Patch.