Punching The Sky

Punching The Sky.


He was shattered

He told me why

My world shattered

So I told the world why

(With his 11 year old blessing)

The world answered

With as many voices

As there were pieces

Lying at our feet,



Eye to eye voices,

Warm and sweet with instant response,

Telephone voices,

Enquiring, modulating tone, treading water (badly),

Virtual voices,

Brave and vile with perceived anonymity,

TV screen and radio airwave voices,

Persistent, persuasive, self-serving,

Printed voices,

Thrusting, all pretence gone.


Public voices came thick and fast

Some yelled

Some laughed

Some tutted

Some listened

Some turned away

Some took a step closer

Some ran headlong into my

Or someone else arms

Some sat and closed their eyes

Some asked for absolutes

Some for guidance

Some jumped on the bandwagon

Wrote their own account

Of rose tinted ragamuffinery

Some looked up for the first time

Some down.


All this happened in 24 hours after my son came and spoke to me

24 hours

The world turned as I stood still

Punching the sky.


And now?

A very personal story

Became A Very Public Story

And now?


And now, we begin.

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