REVIEWS AND FEEDBACK: Punching The Sky Spring Tour 2016

 I turned to my clearly captivated 13 year old son at the end of the play and he said…”That’s about me isn’t it?” And there you have its appeal…’It’s about me and you and everyone in-between’ I replied. 

Audience Member.



CONSPICUOUS ANONYMITY BLOGSPOT: INTERVIEWNotable as the interview is by an audience member/blogger who really took the time to go into the piece in depth. This is a good interview.

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“In an impressive feat of self-reflection you’re not asked to agree with her choices or actions, and the ways in which criticisms of her approach have been incorporated into this show are a striking feature” The Reviews Hub, London. Maryam Philpott

“Rather than a straightforward plea for censorship Punching the Sky chillingly demonstrates the emotional consequences suffered by people who are caught up in a situation to which there is no easy resolution…  a high-quality and thought-provoking production.”

David Cunningham, Manchester Theatre Awards.

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“This is an excellent, clever and very thought provoking production”

Dawn Smallwood
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“I can’t fault the writing or the acting…

A special mention needs to go to James Taylor and Nick Lewis for creating a wonderful animation to go along with the show. During the production, Patch recalls becoming a mother to Arthur and Billy. These images are fantastically relayed to the audience through cartoon graphics which are projected onto a backdrop of blinds.”

North West End Review, Brian Madden

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“The actors work together with great precision… Punching the Sky impresses with its production values. For a production touring one-nighters, often in small venues without wing space, the technical expertise is outstanding.”

The Reviews Hub, Ron Simpson

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“The opening of this show will resonate with every parent, as a mother stands in her own home with her new born child for the very first time thinking, ‘what now?’ I turned to my clearly captivated 13 year old son at the end of the play and he said…”That’s about me isn’t it?” And there you have its appeal…’It’s about me and you and everyone in-between’ I replied. This beautifully written play is engaging, witty and insightful as well as painful and heartening by turns.” A Father: CEO in Creative Industries. 

This was fabulous! My son had gone to see it at Leeds Carriageworks with his AS Drama group. He said I should see it when it came to Seven Arts. ‘would you want to see it again?’. He did. So mate, mothers and girlfriends all came too. Powerful, pertinent and a real sense if what motherhood is about. The nurturing, protecting, self esteem building all blasted out of the water in an instant. So well handled. Arthur is lucky to have you. And we are lucky to have seen this play. Thank you. Audience member on Facebook

“Punching the Sky struck me for several reasons. I am not a mother and I honestly didn’t expect this piece to resonate with me as strongly as it did, at different points I laughed, cried and was angry. From the moment Lizi Patch said ‘fuck’ when faced with being left with her baby in her living room; I was hooked by a narrative which was more real, honest and unafraid to present flaws than I have previously seen.” Helena Law, at The Lowry. 

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“Left the theatre with both a fist in the gut punch with so many questions to think through and also a sense of calm that one voice was heard in amidst all the uncontrollable noise and chaos.” Rachel Lythe, (Head of Learning, Leeds Grand and City Varieties) at The Carriageworks

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“An extremely powerful and thought-provoking piece of theatre. Your dedication to raising awareness of this very important issue, in such a brilliantly engaging production, is such a credit to you.” Julia Louise Haworth at the Lowry. 

Punching The Sky

Medea, Lizi and Webster. Photograph by Adam Robinson

“A hilarious, moving & important play starting conversation about kids & the internet.”

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“What a show. Thought provoking, laugh out loud (and a little tear too). Can’t wait to discuss with Year 12.” Emma Gordon. (Lecturer. Leeds Grammar GSAL mixed GCSE and A level theatre studies) at the Carriageworks. 

“Such a great story teller. I really felt like I got to know her son. That made it mean something.”

“Really unexpected and clever.”

“I liked the interaction with animation.”

“I felt like she was talking to me as a friend.”

“Lizi gave us a lot to think about with that. It was so powerful.”

“Brilliant. I actually loved that.”

“It was so good. So good.”

Leeds Grammar GSAL mixed GCSE and A level theatre studies students. 

Punching The Sky Medea and Webster, Photo by Adam Robinson Photography

“Everyone should see this play.” Secondary School Teacher at Square Chapel, Halifax. 

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“How do I bring a child into a world where violent images are so easily accessible? A world where people are afraid to let their children go out and experience life. Where likes, shares and follows are more important than hugging, laughing and face to face contact. You’ve given me a lot to think about. Thank you for making sure a wonderful and ‘real’ piece of theatre.”

Punching The Sky.

Lizi. Photo by Adam Robinson

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